How to clean quartz countertops without damaging them

Quartz countertops provide the sleek modern look that many people like in their kitchen. At first glance, quartz countertops look similar to granite or marble, but they're quite different. Quartz countertops are made from a mixture of crushed stone and resin, rather than a slab of naturally-occurring stone, so they often have a more uniform color and pattern throughout, giving your kitchen a streamlined look.

The manufacturing process gives quartz another perk: it's even more durable than granite because the surface is non-porous and resistant to staining. Despite their durability, quartz countertops still require a bit of TLC.

How to clean quartz countertops without damaging them

"Quartz is durable but not immune to damage," says Kathy Cohoon of Two Maids and A Mop.

Cleaning your quartz countertops regularly and addressing stains promptly can keep your counters looking pristine for years to come.

Removing stains

When you have stubborn stains it's natural to turn to powerful cleaning materials like bleach, vinegar, or abrasive scrubs. But these can cause damage to quartz countertops by breaking down the resin and scratching the surface of the countertop, says Alex Varela, general manager of Dallas Maids. Here's what you can use instead:

Long-term maintenance

Quartz countertops are tough, but like any household material, they require some effort to keep them looking great. To keep your countertops in good condition, follow these recommendations:

Insider's takeaway

Quartz countertops are easy to care for, making them an excellent option for your kitchen or bathroom. Despite their durability, they need to be treated gently to keep them looking their best. For daily cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Tougher stains can be removed using special cleaners or rubbing alcohol. To help maintain your countertop, protect the surface from heat, scratches, harsh materials, and wipe away debris or liquid regularly.