Hotel Supply: We believe in a sustainable choice of materials ABOUT THE SUPPLIER

Hotel Supply: We believe in a sustainable choice of materials

Hotel Supply International offers design products from recycled leather made in Denmark by LIND DNA.

We supply the interior décor and tableware designs for hotels and restaurants around the world. Our customers repeatedly emphasise the quality and durability of these products and the simple Scandinavian design. They also rate our high service level and considerable flexibility when it comes to production.

Hotel Supply: We believe in a sustainable choice of materials ABOUT THE SUPPLIER

The range carries products that are easy to adjust and can easily be made to fit your needs. We give professional guidance and will let you know how to give your guests an unforgettable experience, surrounded by design with personality and Intelligent details. When you choose LIND DNA, you also make a sustainable decision.

A recurring feature of the designs is the OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather, made from excess vegetable-tanned core leather from the fashion and furniture industry. The leather is granulated into small pieces, which are pressed together with natural rubber from trees. The result is a recycled leather quality, consisting of 80% core leather and 20% natural rubber, which is then stained with a water-based colour and added to a beautiful natural surface texture. They’re incredibly durable, water-resistant and easy to clean.

The leather comes in a multitude of variants in terms of colours, shapes and textures. To make it easy for you to choose, we have collected a palette in a safe Scandinavian style, which our customers are particularly pleased about. If you want to create a table cover for your very own look, there are oceans of colours and textures you can choose from here.

Together with the production and design team, we will tailor-make the perfect solution for you, in all aspects of shape, logo embossing, texture and colour.

Not only leather items:

In addition to OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather, we offer design items where European steel, wool and European oak is used for trays, F&B items and candleholders. You are guaranteed to receive high-quality products made of well-chosen materials that provide a good connection and allow you to create an exclusive ambiance in your hotel.

Please ask us for more information at [email protected] to receive an overview of the collections and possibilities.