Here’s Why You Should Never Put Your Squishmallows In The Washing Machine

Washing machines are *not* their friends, FYI.

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They’re soft, they’re squishy, and they’re insanely popular. Of course, we’re talking about Squishmallows, the part plush toy/constant companion cuddler/bedtime BFF that has taken over the toy market as we know it. And because they can be a source of support, most likely your child’s Squishmallow goes wherever your child does. But unlike your kid, who you can hose down at the end of the day, you might not know how to wash Squishmallows. Because it’s not as simple as dropping them into the dryer.

What Are Squishmallows?

Back in 2017, Squishmallows came on the market, and the world was never the same. Maybe it was the combination of something cute and cuddly, with its round shape and somewhat simple features that turned it into a phenomenon. (To date, there are over 339k posts on Instagram about Squishmallows.) Jazwares, the company behind Squishmallows, created the super squishy plush toys as a way to encourage imaginative play while offering comfort for kids, too. Currently, there are over 1,000 Squishmallows to collect — and growing. They’re organized into “Squads” (think Adventure Squad, Food Squad, Pet Squad, and so on). They each have their own names and a backstory so you can understand all about the Squishmallow before you snag it from the store shelf.

Here’s Why You Should Never Put Your Squishmallows In The Washing Machine

How To Wash Squishmallows If They Get Dirty (And They Will)

Unlike some other collectibles, Squishmallows are too cute to sit in a toy box all day. No, these toys are meant to be touched, played, and even slept with. And with all that handling, your kiddo is bound to get some schmutz on them. But before you pop Cinnamon the Frozen Yogurt into the washing machine with your kiddo’s cleats, you’d better know how to wash Squishmallows. As it turns out, those cuddly creatures don’t like spinning round and round in your washer/dryer combo. According to the company’s website, Squishmallows should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. If Baby Yoda The Child Squishmallow gets a stain on its side, you can use a stain remover or wet wipe. Just don’t ever stick your Squishmallow in the washing machine, since it can adversely affect the stuffing inside, making it not so huggable.

Once your Squishmallow is squeaky clean again, don’t dump it in the dryer in an attempt to fluff it up. Air drying is the way to go, so don’t use an iron, dryer, or any other heated electronic appliance to speed up the process. Because the last thing you want is for Davina the Pink Octopus to get her tentacles all tied up.

Here's Why Squishmallows Are So Popular With Kids (And Their Parents)

The cool thing about Squishmallows is that they don’t have any sharp edges, so your kid won’t poke their eye out while playing with them. They also have a stable bottom which allows them to stand on their own without being propped up. And they come in cute collections, like Mickey Mouse or the Hocus Pocus Squishmallows that will make you want to run amok, amok!

The time will come when you’re going to have to wash a Squishmallow. Even though it might seem easier to just toss it into the washing machine, there will be hell to pay (coming from your child, that is), if Floyd The French Fry comes out wet and soggy. So spot clean your Squishmallows, and they’ll last your child until, well, the next crazy toy phase rolls around.

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