Here’s how to clean your greasy stove according to this affordable TikTok hack

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Learning how to clean your stove properly is one of the most frustrating processes out there. Should you invest in an expensive degreaser because it specifically says it’s for cleaning the stovetop? Or should you just listen to your grandparents and just use vinegar? Also, wiping it down with paper towels seems so wasteful. Welcome to the inside of my brain.

One night, I got deep into #CleanTok and stumbled across this video from @nextlevelcleaning. In the video, they turn a gunky, grease-covered stovetop into a sparkling diamond by using just two products: Dawn Powerwash and a Scrub Mommy.

Yeah, I was as skeptical as you are right now because what could be better than the very specific stovetop degreaser that I bought? It had to be some kind of trick, right? Nope, take a look at the super satisfying video for yourself.

Obviously, my jaw was on the floor from this cleaning hack, so the next thing I did was run to Amazon and buy both the Dawn Powerwash Spray and a Scrub Mommy.

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Here’s what you need to do:

While @nextlevelcleaning’s video uses the Scrub Mommy (a double-duty sponge with a textured side and soft side), you can also use the original Scrub Daddy with the same results.

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Here’s how to clean your greasy stove according to this affordable TikTok hack

Just like any good cleaning hack, a bunch of other TikTok users started trying it out on their greasy gas stovetops. Obviously, I tried it out too. While I thought I was getting a good clean on my rented apartment’s very old gas range top, the amount of crusty food it got off made me want to vomit and jump for joy at the same time.

It’s not just gas stovetops that you can try this with. Watch @natashacleansup try it on her smooth top electric range here:

For all of you with a coil top electric range, the hack still works. TikTok user @sealsncupcakes melts so much gunk away in this video.

As someone who used to mix together a variety of harsh cleaning products thinking it would get things “cleaner” (never do this, it’s super dangerous and possibly toxic), I am clearly not the cleaning expert. However, I stand by this combo, and now you can too.

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