Best Calico Critters furniture

Which Calico Critters furniture is best?

Calico Critters are small plastic animal figures with soft and warm flocked coverings. Calico Critters furniture has warm and engaging looks that come from living trouble-free lives. They live in townhouses, cottages and country homes in Calico City.

Calico Critters are only 2 or 3 inches tall, making them the ideal size for a playset or dollhouse for little children. If you want to start by outfitting a living room your Calico Critters can lounge around in with their friends, take a look at the 17-piece Calico Critters Lounging Living Room 16 Piece Set.

What to know before you buy Calico Critters furniture

Calico Critters who live in Calico Houses need Calico Furniture. Their homes and furniture are all made to fit the scale of Calico Critters that are from 2 to 3 inches tall.

You will find many furniture choices that can be mixed and matched for every Calico Critters home. Choose from a comfy living room for reading and watching television, a living room to lounge around in with friends, a designer studio or an elegant townhouse suite.

All beds come with mattresses, blankets and pillows. Choose double and triple Stack N Play bunk beds that also come apart to become single beds. Other bedroom furniture sets include beds with comforters, luxury beds with rich tapestry covers, and bedroom sets with shelves, tables and mirrored vanities.

You have even more choices here, with country, deluxe and bubbly bathroom sets with tubs, sinks, toilets, shelves, towel racks, vanities with doors and mirrors and toothbrushes with holders.

You will find refrigerators with icemakers, mixers, timers and more. Check out ovens with doors that open and stoves with “flames” on burners that “light” with the touch of a button. You can find Calico Critters furniture sets that have islands, hutches, kitchen tables and chairs, food to cook, plates to serve on and utensils to eat with.

What to look for in quality Calico Critters furniture

The best place to start is with the Hopscotch Rabbits, the family that stars on the television show “Calico Critters.” Next, choose a Calico Critters house for them and then choose the furniture that will make their home complete, comfortable and a pleasure to look at and play with. Because furniture is sold in sets and all Calico Critters furniture fits all Calico Critters homes, have fun mixing and matching every time you want to redecorate your doll house.

Some Calico Critters families have newborn twins and even triplets. Adopt these critters and you are going to need a nursery and lots of accessories. Take a look at nursery sets that come with cribs that have mattresses, blankets and an overhanging mobile, feeding chair, plates, bowls and spoons, play slides, swings and dozens more small accessories and baby toys.

There are dozens of Calico Critters home appliances and accessories. Outfit your Calico Critters home with a washer, dryer and vacuum cleaner or a full bathroom makeover. Choose a breakfast playset with toaster, blender, waffle maker and fresh fruit.

Kids may want their Calico Critters furniture to fit the decor of their Calico Critters houses. Most Calico Houses evoke memories of 1950s architecture, called retro modern today. Critters’ houses include cottages, country homes, townhomes, mansions, lodges and even tree houses.

How much you can expect to spend on Calico Critters furniture

Calico Critters furniture costs from less than $10 for a single piece to more than $50 for a full set that completes an entire room.

Best Calico Critters furniture

Calico Critters furniture FAQ

A. Yes. All the Calico Critters furniture houses and the furniture that goes inside them are made to the same scale that is appropriate for the tiny two and three inch tall families.

A. There are many tiny accessories that come with Calico Critters furniture and furniture sets that are unsuitable for very small children who will try to eat them. If you have small children, choose furniture that has no tiny pieces.

What’s the best Calico Critters furniture to buy?

Calico Critters Lounging Living Room Set

What you need to know: Help your Calico Critters family move into their new home by furnishing their living room with this 17-piece set.

What you’ll love: You get two matching armchairs, a magazine rack, coffee table with two coffee table books, an entertainment center with opening doors and a floor lamp with lampshade. Pour the tea into two cups with saucers and serve it to your Calico Critters with three cookies on a matching plate.

What you should consider: The tea set and cookies are very tiny.

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Calico Critters Stack N Play Beds Furniture Set

What you need to know: This bunk bed set comes with 8eight pieces of furniture and accessories so you can invite Calico Critters friends for a sleepover.

What you’ll love: You get two rustic bunk beds, comfy mattresses and pads, matching pink and blue blankets and pillows and a detachable ladder that works on either side of the bed. The bunk bed is 5 inches long, just under 3 inches wide and just over three inches tall. Beds can also be separated to become twin beds. This furniture set goes best with the Calico Critters Sweet Raspberry Home.

What you should consider: The removable ladder is easy to lose, especially when moving your bunk bed around.

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Calico Critters Playful Starter House Furniture Set

What you need to know: Add a kitchen and bathroom to your new Calico Critters furniture home with this kitchen and bath set with accessories – and a poseable Hopscotch Rabbit mother Heidi dressed in removable clothing.

What you’ll love: In the kitchen, you get a refrigerator, stove and countertop. Your refrigerator comes with milk, eggs and an apple. Push the cup into the ice maker and plastic ice cubes drop into your glass. Turn the knob on the oven and “fire” appears on the burner. Use the included knife to slice the deep dish apple pie. In the bathroom, the sink has running water and the toilet flushes. This furniture set pairs best with the Red Roof Cozy Cottage and the Red Roof Country Home.

What you should consider: There are many tiny parts unsuitable for very small children.

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