Best baby bath mat

Which baby bath mat is best?

The best baby bath mat should be the right size for your tub and baby. It should also have a reliable, nonslip backing and excellent traction to prevent it from moving during use. There are many options available, from simple bath mats that cover the entire tub to more creative shapes and designs.

The bath mat you choose should be one that suits your baby well. For that reason, we recommend the Skip Hop Nonslip Baby Bath Mat. It’s versatile, has excellent traction and is a fun addition to any bath time.

What to know before you buy a baby bath mat

Baby bath mats vary in size, but they should fit properly into the bathtub. Measure out the width and length of your bathtub to determine what size bath mat you should get for your baby. Make sure you get a bath mat that covers the entire surface area of the tub. That way, the baby won’t be able to slip or hurt themselves while bathing.

Many baby bath mats are rectangular, which makes it easy to choose one that fits the dimensions of the bathtub. However, some mats have unique shapes that may prevent them from fitting perfectly in the tub.

Bathtubs range in size. However, most standard bathtubs are between 55 and 72 inches in length and 27 to 32 inches in width. A baby bath mat may be wide enough to fit the bathtub but it may be too short to cover the surface entirely.

If you have a mat that’s either too small for the tub or has uneven sides, consider getting a second one to cover any remaining space in the bathtub. Or, if you don’t want to get a second one, just make sure the baby stays on the mat while in the tub for safety. Another option is to get a nonslip bath mat meant for adults.

Not all baby bath mats are rectangular or squarish in shape. Some baby bath mats are oval or shaped like an animal or animal head. These mats can be fun for a young child, but they may not fit the tub as well as a rectangular option, so keep that in mind.

Where there’s standing water, there’s potential for bacteria and mold. That’s why it’s important to look for a baby bath mat that’s resistant to mold and dries quickly.

However, if you want to keep the mat clean, there are a few other things you should do. Many bath mat manufacturers, including those who make baby bath mats, will include instructions for how to properly clean and maintain the bath mat.

Some mats are machine-washable, while others need to be hand-washed. If you choose to hand-wash the baby bath mat with a disinfectant, make sure you let it air dry thoroughly before putting it back in the tub. Also, make sure the cleaning solution is non-toxic for young children. Whatever cleaning method you use, wash the bath mat once a week.

What to look for in a quality baby bath mat

Just like many regular shower mats, baby bath mats are usually made out of non-toxic materials like BPA-free plastic, rubber and foam. Some mats consist of PVC or vinyl which, while sturdy, could be dangerous to young children. This is especially true if your baby likes to put things into their mouth.

Any bath mat that goes inside the tub is designed to prevent slipping. Baby bath mats are no different. However, if you want something that’s softer for the baby, look for a thick foam mat. Keep in mind that foam mats are more prone to moving around in the bathtub. To combat this issue, add some water-resistant adhesives to help keep the mat in place.

Most baby bath mats have an adhesive or suction cup backing that keeps them in place, regardless of if they’re wet or dry. Suction cups are one of the strongest nonslip backing options. They work great in most bathtubs, but they won’t stick as well to surfaces that have a textured finish. If you have a smooth-finished bathtub, choose a bath mat with a waterproof, adhesive backing instead.

Along with a nonslip backing, traction is important in any baby bath mat. For additional safety and traction, look for a mat that has a textured surface that helps keep the baby safely on it while bathing. Materials that offer the best traction and prevent sliding include vinyl and certain plastics.

Some baby bath mats also have grooves or other methods of keeping the baby safely on the mat and preventing slipping or falling in the tub. Some of these mats have holes that allow water to pass through. These holes prevent the mat from rising with the water, thus adding to the overall traction. Holes also make it easier to air dry the mat when not in use.

Best baby bath mat

Baby bath mats come in all sorts of cute, fun or pretty colors, patterns and animal shapes. One mat may be in the shape of a whale or have ducks on it. Another one may instead have every letter of the alphabet on it. Some baby bath mats have a solid color or pattern. Common options include vibrant colors like teal, pink or yellow.

Some baby bath mats look very similar to traditional shower mats. What they lack in aesthetic design or creativity, they make up for in coverage and safety. Plus, if you have a young child who’s easily distracted during bath time, a simple mat could help keep them focused.

How much you can expect to spend on a baby bath mat

Baby bath mats cost $10-$30 on average. The pricing depends on the size, material, type of backing and shape of the mat.

Baby bath mat FAQ

A. You should never leave a baby alone during bath time, even if they’re on a bath mat. Left alone, the baby could still slip and hit their head on the side of the tub. Or if the water is too deep, there’s the potential for drowning.

A. Yes. Even though an antibacterial bath mat is less prone to mold or bacteria buildup, it could still become grimy from things like dried soap residue and dirt.

What’s the best baby bath mat to buy?

Skip Hop Nonslip Baby Bath Mat

What you need to know: With two colors to choose from, this highly durable, nonslip baby bath mat will keep your baby safe and enjoying themselves during long bath time sessions.

What you’ll love: The perforations in the mat allow for water to pass through, thus preventing the mat from rising and losing its traction. The mat itself dries quickly and has little grooves to keep your child distracted while bathing. Plus, the mat uses several suction cups that keep it firmly in place in the tub.

What you should consider: It’s slightly on the small side and does not adhere to textured bathtubs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

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HALLO Soft Infant Bath Sponge Elephant Baby Bath Mat

What you need to know: This ultra-comfortable bath mat has a unique design that cradles young babies and keeps them secure during bath time.

What you’ll love: Made from soft, breathable foam, this baby bath mat has an ergonomic design that offers optimal support to your baby. The material is also absorbent and drains quickly once out of the water.

What you should consider: This mat doesn’t stick to the bathtub directly, so it’s best for younger babies.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Dreambaby Anti-Slip Bath Mat

What you need to know: This rubber, anti-slip baby bath mat has a unique heat sensing feature that lets you know when the water temperature is too warm.

What you’ll love: The textured surface of the bath mat combined with multiple suction cups prevents it from slipping in the bath. With many cute animals, it’s also a fun addition to bath time.

What you should consider: This mat doesn’t stick well to textured bathtubs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

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