9 Of The Best Places To Shop For Washable Rugs And Never Deal With Stains Ever Again

Between spilled drinks, pet accidents and tracked-in dirt, rugs are subject to endless wear and tear. And while traditional area rugs require expensive professional cleaning, washable rugs offer a low-maintenance, convenient way to achieve the same look and functionality. “The design space has seen a big trend towards materials that wear well with active families and pets,” says Louisa Smith of Grapevine Interiors, a residential and commercial design firm. “Washable rugs are a great solution for high-traffic areas where there’s a potential for liquid spills.”

Washable rugs are typically constructed from polyester or other synthetic fibers, and have a lightweight, flexible design that allows them to be lifted and loaded into a washing machine.

Whether you’re looking for a hallway runner or a soft spot to land when getting out of bed, washable rugs come in a variety of sizes, styles and patterns to complement your home’s layout and decor. As washable rugs gain popularity, many home decor and floor covering sites have expanded their collections to include stylish, versatile options that could easily be mistaken for more expensive traditional rugs. If you want to eat, drink, play and be merry without having to tiptoe around your home, these are the best places to shop for washable rugs online.

Note: All prices are listed for standard area rugs measuring 5-by-7 feet/5-by-8 feet

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Best Overall Washable Rugs

Ruggable Gradasi Grey Rug

Ruggable’s two-piece washable rug system includes a lightweight decorative rug cover and a gripping floor pad. Each rug is pre-treated with a stain-resistant barrier for easy spot-cleaning, but when a deeper clean is required, the floor pad can be removed for easy washing in a standard washer. Ruggable’s designs can be dried on low heat, so you don’t have to wait for them to air dry after washing. Once dry, the rug cover re-attaches securely to the pad. The brand’s site is easy to navigate, and gives the option of searching by size, color and styles like geometric, floral and folk heritage. They also sell rugs in different textures, including chenille, plush and Re-Jute, a smooth alternative to jute. Rug covers can be purchased individually, so if you already own a Ruggable system, you can switch up your look easily and affordably.

Best Oriental-Style Washable Rugs

Rugs.com Francesca Washable Rug

You’ll find a wide variety of washable rug sizes and shapes at Rugs.com, including ovals, octagons and squares, plus rectangular rugs as large as 10.5-by-14 feet. The rugs are made from polyester with cotton backing, and are offered in a flat, low and medium pile style that’s a bit more plush. Due to the fact that they don’t have a gripping underside, it’s recommended to purchase a rug pad to protect floors and prevent the rug from shifting or moving.

9 Of The Best Places To Shop For Washable Rugs And Never Deal With Stains Ever Again

Best Washable Wool Rugs

Blue Tessa Leopard Washable Area Rug

Rugs USA has a large selection of washable synthetic and wool rugs, which are easiest found via keyword search, then further filtered by size, shape, material and price. The rugs are stain resistant and machine washable using cold water, and can be line dried or tumbled dry on low heat. Most of the washable rugs on Rugs USA require the purchase of a separate rug pad to keep them in place and protect floors.

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Best Affordable Washable Rugs

Industrial Lodge Home Otis Southwestern Beige/Gray Area Rug

Navigating to Wayfair’s selection of washable area rugs takes a little effort, as other rugs can appear in search results including cotton rag rugs that can only be machine-washed when relatively small. Backings vary across the different brands Wayfair sells, so rug pads are sometimes a necessary purchase. The online retailer also offers a range of low-maintenance polyester rugs that can be washed on cold and in some cases tumbled in a dryer.

Best Low-Maintenance Washable Rugs

My Magic Carpet Ochre Ikat Washable Area Rug

Bed Bath & Beyond sells a few different washable rug lines including the My Magic Carpet brand, which is offered in a diverse range of styles and colors. The 100% microfiber polyester rugs have a stain resistant finish and a waterproof inner liner that protects floors in the event of a large spill or pet accident. Skid resistant backs keep the machine washable rugs in place, even in high-traffic areas of the home. If you’re looking for a very large washable rug, Bed Bath & Beyond may not be the best place for you to shop, as their largest style is a 5-by-7 feet rectangle.

Best Stylish Washable Rugs

West Elm Souk Washable Rug

Modern home design brand West Elm has a small collection of washable rugs, including several styles that are intended for use in kids’ playrooms and nurseries. They primarily specialize in rectangular rugs that feature vintage or global-inspired colors and patterns, and are one of the few brands that offers washable rugs made from wool in addition to polyester. The rugs are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat. Though some of West Elm’s rugs come with a gripping silicone backing or an included rug pad, several do not. If you need to pick up a rug pad for your washable rug, West Elms sells a premium padded version, as well as a thin eco-stay style.

Best Expensive-Looking Washable Rugs

Chiseldon Area Rug

Boutique Rugs has a dedicated section of washable rugs, which are offered in a variety of traditional and contemporary patterns that mimic high-end woven and hooked rugs. The material varies across each rug, as do the care instructions, but most of the rugs on the site are made with a blend of polyester, which allows them to be machine washed and hung to dry. If you’re looking for a washable rug with a vintage, distressed rug, Boutique Rugs has a wide selection.

Best Washable Rugs on Amazon:

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

As you might expect, Amazon sells a variety of washable rugs, but navigating to them is a bit of a challenge. Rug brands RealLife Rugs and nuLOOM both make highly-rated washable rugs and have their own storefronts on Amazon, where you can find round, rectangular and runner-style options. Construction materials and care instructions vary from brand to brand, so whether you purchase from either of these sellers or another on Amazon, make sure to read the fine print and reviews to confirm you’re picking a truly washable style.

Best Kid-Friendly Washable Rugs

Lorena Canals Kaarol Rug

When it comes to shopping for rugs for your little one’s room, a washable option is the way to go. And Lorena Canals has some of the most stylish and durable options to choose from. In fact the rugs are so chic, you could also totally use them in a kid-free home. The rugs are all made from 100% cotton or dyed with natural colors and free from any harsh chemicals. And in addition to their exhaustive rug collection, the brand also makes adorable storage baskets, poufs, floor pillows and wall hangings.

Here are a few things you should know about washable rugs to help you decide if they’re a good fit for your home and lifestyle.

How are washable rugs different from traditional rugs?

Though some washable rugs are made with blends that include wool and other natural fibers, they’re most commonly machine-woven from polyester and other sturdy synthetic fibers. Certain brands pre-treat their rugs with a water-resistant barrier that makes it easy to pick up spills before they penetrate fibers, so machine-washing can be reserved for periodic or seasonal deep cleans. Due to the fact that washable rugs are machine-woven and use less expensive materials, they tend to be a lot more affordable than traditional handwoven or hand-hooked rugs.

Who are washable rugs for? What are the benefits?

Washable rugs are a good option for pet owners, busy families and anyone who wants a durable, stylish rug that’s easy to maintain. “Washable rugs are compelling because you can conveniently and economically deep-clean the rug and keep it fresh looking longer than a natural fiber alternative,” says Smith, who adds, “There are a lot of options on the market now that are durable but still attractive.”

How do you care for a washable rug?

For everyday spills and scuffs, a mild dish soap or rug shampoo can be used to spot-clean your washable rug. Depending on the material and size, washable rugs should be cleaned on the cold cycle in a standard washing machine, however very large styles benefit from being processed in a commercial front-loading unit. Most manufacturers recommend hang drying to preserve the look and structure of the rug, although certain washable rugs can be tumbled dry using the no-heat or air fluff setting on your dryer. If your washable rug doesn’t have a gripping bottom or come with a pad, one should be purchased to provide cushioning underfoot, prevent shifting and slipping and to protect floors against damage from abrasion.

Some tips before ordering a washable rug

Returning a rug can be a hassle, so knowing your room’s dimensions before you order will help you avoid shipping and restocking fees. Most online rug sellers offer sample floor plans and guides to help you pick the right rug for your space. Here’s a bit of simple advice: measure twice, order once.